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Assignment contract prior to replacement of Overhead contact line Alingsås–Olskroken, Gothenburg, part of Västra Stambanan Line

This project consists of replacement of the overhead contact line system and auxiliary power line including transformers. The overhead contact line system shall also be converted to AT system. This applies to a double track. The route concerned is about 40 km long, the total distance is therefore 80 km.

The objective of the project

The objective of the project is to revive the standard of the overhead contact line system and convert to AT system. The performance contract consists of replacement of the overhead contact line system and auxiliary power line including transformers. The overhead contact line system shall also be converted to AT system. The contract work is scheduled to be carried out in 2021-2024. All the parts of the projects are to be finalised and opened for traffic (ÖFT) in December 2024.

The entrepreneurial works will be carried out in a performance contract. The cost of the performance contract is estimated to 350-450 MSEK.

Type of contract consultancy works/ Scope of supply

The consultancy works consists of producing tender documents, construction documents, preliminary design, railway management data etc. for the above mentioned performance contract (bill of quantities). Furthermore, environmental, geotechnical, drainage and laboratory investigations etc are included in this contract. Construction site follow-up during the entrepreneurial works is also included in the contract.

Procurement information

Tender documents will be published in December 2019 in TransQ.

The tender period is from December 2019 to April 2020.

Negotiated procedure according to LUF (Law on procurement in the utilities sector).

Cost: 35-45 MSEK (consultancy works).

Execution time including design is between 2020-2025.


Anders Bjers, Project Manager
+46-101 23 04 04

Project background facts

The Västra Stambanan line between Gothenburg and Alingsås is one of the country's most stressed courses and a large volume of long-distance trains, commuter trains, regional trains and freight trains operates it daily.

The entire route between Gothenburg and Stockholm was opened for traffic in 1862 and electrified in 1926, then first as a single track. In 1958, a double track was built which was simultaneously electrified.

Some of the overhead contact line posts on the route are the original ones that remain and these are in generally poor condition. Because the overhead contact line is old and worn, the risk of disturbance is substantial.

Today’s overhead contact line was established in 1980.

Today’s auxiliary power line including transformers was established in 2003.

The railway runs through Natura 2000 and water source areas. There are 4 tunnels on the route and the railway runs through several rock cuttings.


Visit us at Nordic Rail October 8-10

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for long-term infrastructure planning for road traffic, rail traffic, shipping and air transport and for constructing and operating state-owned roads and railways. The Swedish Transport Administration employs more than 9,000 people in 150 different trades and professions. The operational volume in 2018 was close to 60 billion.

Last year a decision was made on a new Swedish National Transport Plan for 2018 – 2029. The plan includes the biggest ever initiative to equip, upgrade and modernise Swedish railways. But to cope with all the upcoming shifts, workflows and milestones, there need to be more of us in the whole railway industry.

At Nordic Rail, we will therefore highlight the skills challenge, but also present a highly interesting smorgasbord of new systems and track installations and much else. On our stand you will meet representatives of everything from electric roads to new main rail lines, from ERTMS to Shift2Rail and not least of procurement and innovation.


Camilla Ahston on tour

During this autumn/spring The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) will be visiting different countries in order to attract more international suppliers to our market.

In our National plan is stated that 62,25 billion Euro will be spent on infrastructure 2018 - 2029.

Trafikverket will be in Madrid on 16th October, in London on 21st November and in Paris on 10th March 2020.

I hope I will see some of your out there.


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You can read more about how we work with GDPR, the general data protection regulation, on our website

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